3 years Birthday + Vassilopita + Guest talks + New Initiative

Hey !!

Happy new year!!! It’s still January so we can still send wishes for luck, prosperity and healthy for 2017! I really hope you had a great new year start!

I’m excited to announce our first meetup ( sponsored by e-food.gr and softconf.eu for this year and it’s a very special meetup 🙂 For many reasons. 

• It’s our 3rd anniversary!! Oh yes, 3 years ago we had our first meetup . I still have this spark to keep this community vivid , share and learn from the other members.

• We will have our first Vassilopita. Still working on the gift 🙂

• Thomas Pliakas one of the JHUG  organizers will join us this time with a great talk : JUnit 5 – Next Generation of Unit Testing on the JVM ( JUnit is one of the most popular testing frameworks/tools in java. Version 5 is a fundamental re-architecture and re-write of JUnit. In this talk, we summarize the new feature of the current release, we provide information how to include JUnit 5 in our existing tool-chains and how to run version 4 and 5 in the same testing run. Finally we will provide an introduction to JUnit’s extension points, which implement the design that tools use to drive/interact with JUnit. )

• Second talk ( Breaking java.util.HashMap ) will be presented by Giorgos Gaganis 

HashMap is documented as not thread-safe. I had to write a program that proves that.I will talk in detail about what this means and how I thinked , approached the problem and what I needed to know/use. In the end I will show the breaking program (hopefully also during the talk!).

• We have a new initiative inspired by Giorgos Gaganis who will shortly present it

• As usual 4 Jetbrains licenses ( we haven’t given away for 2 months any )

• And we may organize a few more surprises !


See you all there!

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