Apache Shiro/AspectJ + The new form of Java Meetup

We are back and we are hosting our May meetup during the technology Forum week also known as `ThessWeek` 

Talk #1 
Apache Shiro, AspectJ and OSGi in a real-life prject

The speakers
Costas Apostolou is a passionate software engineer with over 20 years of experience, in Greece and abroad in the telecommunications industry. His interests include Java and model based programming using the Eclipse EMF/RAP toolset. He is also a passionate advocate of OSGi and spends a lot of time writing unix shell scripts that make his life easier. Currently he is working on the public sector, where he envisaged, designed and implemented a document management system. 

Nikos Petalidis is a software engineer, with an experience of over 20 years. During this time he has worked as a software engineering consultant for companies in the UK, USA and Greece in a number of projects ranging from the specification and implementation of communication protocols to the design of content delivery networks. Nikos is currently teaching software engineering at the TEI of Central Macedonia while he also works as a developer for a Greek government agency.

The abstract 
Wisely engineered software systems (we are told) are easy to extend, change and adapt to new requirements. Maybe this is true in fairyland but as all engineers know, in most cases there comes a time when the manager politely puts forward a new request that completely and utterly breaks up your carefully designed system and requires you to work overtime. This is what happened to us, when new security requirements for a two-years old system were deemed as urgent and required implementation within a short time. In this talk, we will present our solution to this crisis, which allowed us to implement the new requirements with minimal effort, without loosing much sleep over the weekend! The talk will present the unique combination of Apache Shiro, AspectJ and OSGi in a real-life situation and how these three allowed us to fix everything with a couple of lines of code. Since some of the members may be not familiar with any of the three frameworks, a small introduction to each one will also be made.

Talk #2
The second talk is more like a discussion about the new form of our Java meetup. What we have done so far and how the meetup will transform after summer.

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