Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with C#, Visual Studio and Xamarin

Breaking news: We are happy to announce a Special Guest: Dimitris Tavlikos

Dimitris Tavlikos is a Xamarin MVP, author of the book ‘iOS Development with Xamarin Cookbook’ (amazon), with many years of experience in Mono and Xamarin.

Dimitris will make a short introduction to what Xamarin can offer and will answer some questions.


Modern mobile development today requires developers to provide their application for multiple device platforms (such as Windows, Android or iOS). Xamarin has been enabling Cross-Platform Mobile Development with C# 

 In this talk, we explore how you can use Xamarin native applications targeting the Android/iOS platform. 

We will first cover traditional Xamarin mobile development with a complete demo, from setting up the tools to deploy your app to a mobile device.

Εven We’ll describe the basics of mobile development lifecycle.

We also have a quick look on Xamarin.Forms, which enables developers to share even more code with a common user interface (UI) across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone using C# and XAML

Debugging, emulation are also part of the mix.

This is a hands-on meet-up, so you are welcome to bring your laptop.

We want you, to have a good knowledge of C# and some basic knowledge from mobile usage. 

The presentation will be delivered by Ziazios Konstantinos

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