3 back to back talks about OSS, CrateDB and remote working

Important – Change of Venue 

City College (Auditorium, 5th floor)

Σοφου Λεοντος 3, THESSALONIKI

You are all invited to this season’s last meetup ( Joint with our .NET friends ) that will take place in a brand new venue. 

We have three(3) very interesting talks

1. Becoming an awesome Open Source Contributor and Maintainer by Christos Matskas 

Abstract: Have you always wished you could contribute to Open Source but didn’t know where to start from? Perhaps you want to build something great and gain invaluable experience by working in open source? Or you just want to join the open source movement because, well, OSS is the future? Just look at all the cool tech built with OSS: Node.js, BootStrap, ASP.NET etc. Join Christos Matskas to learn about the many ways to contribute, the development tools necessary and what it take`s to become a successful first-time contributor and collaborator in this welcoming and open community.

2. CrateDB (Sql for Things Data) by Klearchos Klearchou

Abstract: Presentation of the problems that the IoT industry faces in terms of the data information storage and retrieval requirements. We will analyze a common software architectural pattern and the associated complexities. Finally, we will see the solution that Crate.io offers. A simple project that uses CrateDB will be presented for demonstration purposes.

3. 3 years of experience (in 30′) as a remote software developer by Patroklos Papapetrou

I have also some cool news to share. Deloitte Business Solutions has decided to create the Southern Eastern Mediterranean Tech Hub here in Thessaloniki and they plan to hire ( for a start ) around 10-15 developers after summer. 

For that reason, a Deloitte representative will tell us a few things about this initiative. The job description and how to apply can be found also here

Feel free to ping me for details or questions

As usual, we will give away 2 jetbrains licenses.  

Last but not least I want to announce that Giorgos Gaganis has become a co-organizer of this meetup to help move us to the next level!

See you soon

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