February Node.js Meetup: Design Smells & Νοδε.ξς φρέιμουρκς


We know you missed us! February Nodejs Meetup is back, with 2 very interesting talks about Design patterns and Node.js frameworks. It is time to get over with this smelly code and end this everlasting battle of Node.js frameworks. Oh yeah! There is a way. Join us on Thursday 25th of February and you will find out all these goodies!

20 years Design patterns, Improve the Design of your Code 

Design patterns have long now changed the way software is designed and coded. Design patterns offer well-thought and tested solutions to design problems. They aim to increase code’s internal qualities such as maintainability and extensibility.  But as any other tool they have to be applied with care since they increase the complexity of the design.  The talk presents some of the problems (design smells) that usually ask for the application of design patterns and showcases how the application of a few design patterns can improve the maintainability of the code.

We are really honored to have Dr. Dranidis Dimitrios with us for this meetup. Dr. Dranidis is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield and an Affiliated Researcher at SEERC (South East European Research Center).  His research interests are in the areas of service-oriented computing, model-based testing, object-oriented analysis and design, formal methods, software engineering education, agile software development methodologies, and artificial intelligence.

Nodejs Frameworks Comparison: Express, Hapi, Koa

Building a single page application (SPA) with a user login system using 3 NodeJS web frameworks (Express.js, Hapi.js and Koa.js). Plus open discussion of pros and cons of each framework.

Antonis Kamamis is a hobbyist developer switching contexts between front and back end javascript as well as PHP if necessary.

He has worked/tested with many js frameworks, including Angular.js (1 and 2), React.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Hapi.js

From time to time he gets into other programming languages (Python, Ruby, Golang, Haskell) and then go back to javascript

Yeah, it is true! He only tests in production.


CEO and Founder of Meetup.com

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