Introduction to Apache Solr + CodeRetreat +

Thessaloniki’s Java meetup is back after summer and we are very happy to announce that our first topic for this year will be an introduction to Apache Solr , the enterprise search solution provided by Apache and build on Lucene.

Our speaker, Christos Manios will discuss the basic principles of Apache Solr based on his experience on enterprise systems and he will explain what Solr can do for us when it comes to add a powerful search feature.

After the talk I will spend 10′ to inform the group about the upcoming global code retreat. For the first time, Thessaloniki will be part of this global event that will allow developers to learn by coding with others and trying things we are not usually do in our everyday job.

Finally there will be a short introduction to, a new marketplace with several job positions of various levels and skills. Remote working is becoming more and more popular and is a good place to work for US companies from home with good rates.

See you all there!

Oh, I almost forgot it!!! 4 JetBrain Licenses will be drawn again at the end of the meetup!

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