Microservices in a real project

In this meetup, we are joining forces with the Thessaloniki Java Meetup Group  and we are learning about  micro-services by Kostas Bariotis  and Constantinos Ziazios 

with two back to back intriguing sessions

Kostas is a Goodvidio Back End Product Developer with over 5 years of experience in creating Web Applications. His mission is to write clean and efficient code, to solve problems on the Web and to learn something more. He enjoys writing in his blog, publishing web applications and snowboarding. 
He’s passionate about the whole process of Web Development, from the scaffold to the final deployment. He writes JS & NodeJs and creates and consumes APIs all the time.
He’s writing a lot about his experiences and also talking at various meetups. He’s an active member of Thessaloniki’s SKGTech community and a co-organiser of SKGNodejs Meetup.

Goodvidio RnD is a small team with high ambitions. Expecting to scale and go big soon, we decided to take the Microservices path and we learned a lot from it. We knew that single and monolithic codebases are hard to evolve and scale. On the other hand, frequently updates to apps are required, even multiple times a day, to meet users’ expectations. Thus, Microservices, an architectural style, that is designed to allow easy extensibility, higher maintainability and code collaboration, was introduced. In this presentation I will talk about our journey, the obstacles we met and the pros that we gained at Goodvidio using Microservices.


Constantinos is an Analyst, Software Developer, Mobile & Web Solutions Architect at BuildTechnologyGroup

Evolution of distributed applications
Deploying using containers
Containers vs VM
Containers vs Microservices
Demo: Deploy a microservice with docker Links :

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