Node Jedi, 19 things we learnt reading the NodeJS docs

Intro mode on… snare rollssnare rollssnare rolls aaaaaaaaand…. the Node.js November edition is back! In this meetup, we are going to discuss some Node.js internal magic that most of us don’t know. Some tips might be excellent production practices and others the recipe for disaster. Let’s all pray that the latter did not affect any of your production sites.

You know what they say! Getting to know your tools makes you a true Jedi :-). We came across a very beautiful article on Medium that shares some interesting insights about node and we would love to share them with you. Kostas Bariotis will run a hands-on session and iterate through all the goodies we found on this article. 

After the event, we will meet @ Terra Antiqua for the usual after party!

# Node Mantra

We will talk about querystrings, V8 Inspector, nextTick() and setImmediate() gotchas, server.listen, relative paths, path parsing, logging, setInterval(), signals, IP address validation, evil EOL(end of lines), common status codes, crashes, custom consoles and mooooore. 

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