Node.js 2017: Intro to Vue.js & Javascript mantra(past, present and future)

Hey SKG Noders. Greetings and wishes for a prosperous year, full of health and lots of luck. Happy new year to all of ya and may Node.js light shine in your codebases.

Pheww. What a week. This lovely snow that we have been waiting for more than a decade. Everything is white, cosy and reminds us of our childhood. Some of you are relaxing next to the fireplace, some playing PS4, others making your first steps at programming and some comparing Rust and Go. The only thing missing is the date for our next meetup. And here we are. 19th of January 2017 we meet again with 2 amazing sessions by Alex Kyriakidis and Vassilis Mastorostergios. In the first meetup of 2017 we’ve got: Vue.js, 2016 review of JS-land and Vasilopita!

What about Vasilopita?

Since this is the first meetup of the year we will have Vasilopita. Yeah, true, Vasilopita. We will make all the rituals, so be prepared. And you will probably ask, “ok, and what about the Flouri?”. Heh, what you don’t know is that Alex Kyriakidis is the author of “The Majesty of VueJS“, so 2 lucky winners will have the chance to learn all the magic behind this lightweight and simple Javascript framework. After the Vasilopita, the books, and our amazing presentations we will head for beers to celebrate 2017. See ya soon!
Intro to Vue.js

Vue.js is a progressive framework for building interactive web interfaces. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API. Its core features include: declarative rendering with a plain JavaScript object based reactivity system, component-oriented development style with tooling support, lean and extensible core and a flexible transition effect system. It is fast and you don’t need any crazy spells to achieve that. Alex Kyriakidis will guide us through the jazzy alleys of Vue, and share with us the core concepts of the framework along with examples and a quick todo-app build with Vue. 

Alex @ TwitterAlex @ Github

JavaScript 2016 year in review and beyond

There’s no doubt during the last couple of years JavaScript seems like a teenager with raging hormones, on steroids. With mental health issues. We’ve come a long way both on a language level and as a community, and after 2015’s volcanic eruption nicknamed “ES6” we’re starting to see some settling down. Or do we? To kick the New Year off, Vassilis is going to go over the cool (and some not so cool) stuff that took place in JavaScript-land during 2016, where we’re currently at, and have a laid back, semi-technical chat about things to come and what to expect this year and the future.

Vassilis @ TwitterVassilis @ Github

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