Node.js Christmas Edition 2016: BeamTab and the JavaScript Event Loop

After multiple requests from the worldwide Python community for another Node.js meetup before the end of the shockingly atrocious 2016, get ready for yet another captivating gathering full of awesome tech!

The first speaker, in his presentational debut, @stelabouras aka Stelios Petrakis will talk about his new project BeamTab, a Chrome extension which allows you to beam your tabs to other devices!  We will dive into the tech behind it, which includes Chrome extension programming, message queues, ShadowDOM, and more.

The second talk will be given by @sirodoht aka Theodore Keloglou who will descend down to the underlying mechanics of Javascript and its asynchronous nature by presenting how the event loop works. Expect answers to questions such as what is the black magic behind setTimeout(fn, 0) and how Javascript does async!

This month’s meetup will take place at the new and amazing OK!Thess! It’s located behind the Αλατίνη and near the Concert Hall. Just see the map!

As always, beers will follow the presentations, but this time with a twist: the first attendee who creates a Javascript Christmas tree using React wins a free beer!

See you there!

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