Node.js June 2016 – Closing Scene (Free Spells and Potions)

Υεαη ςε αρε βαψκ! Come on you know what we mean! We are back for the last meetup of this season. Nikos Zinas will lead the closing scene of this year. After DEVit 2015 and his exceptional talk about the future of responsive web design: web component queries, Nikos is back with an inspirational talk that no one must miss. The first fifteen lives of a software engineer. Nikos talks some spiritual gibberish ouaklou and will show us what spells and potions you can use to get reincarnated. Bring the same amulets you brought at Theodores’ talk about Ghosts.

About Nikos Zinas: Nikos is currently working at Zaption, a growing startup, as a Full Stack Engineer. Nikos’ focus is designing solutions for large teams helping companies scale and setup a frontend architecture that is maintainable, performant, accessible and secure. He prefers solutions as close as possible to web standards which are both future proof and popular with the community of frontend developers. 

Join us on Thursday 30th of June just before July shows his scary teeth of heat and mosquitos.

The first fifteen lives of a software engineer

Changing jobs is like reincarnating. One life ends and another begins. Only difference is that you are the same person and you get to keep all your memories, all your experience. Utilizing everything you learn in one life to become better in your next one is the key success. In this talk Nikos dives into his past lives trying to give advice to his younger self and at the same time explaining to the audience the good and the bad parts of frequent job hopping.

Following the meetup we will head for drinks in order to give July a proper welcome. 

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