Node.js June 2017 – Closing Scene

We know you missed us a lot! Υεαη ςε αρε βαψκ! Come on you know what we mean! We are back for the last meetup of this season. The upcoming Node.js meetup is a special edition cause we will get the chance to talk about cutting edge frameworks and techniques but also plan for holidays. This is the last of the season so prepare yourselves accordingly. 

Our meetup lineup, Thanasis Polychronakis will present `Node.js Testing Patterns` and Kostas Bariotis a handson session on Phenomic and static site generation.

Check out the meetup’s agenda: 

19:15 – 19:50  Networking

19:50 – 20:00  Opening talk(s)

20:00 – 20:45  Node.js Testing Patterns

In this presentation, we will explore patterns for testing your node.js codebase, we will cover:

• How to properly bootstrap your Node app so it’s testable.

• The tools and libraries you will need.

• The facilities you will need to create to boost your testing productivity.

• General layout of folders and tests.

• Wrapping it all up for Continuous Integration.

20:45 – 21:30 Static site generation on steroids

Hands on static site generation with Phenomic, a React powered static site generator.

21:30  –:– After party 

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