Node.js/CocoaHeads Synergy᛫ Git: Dive to Hell, and Apple folklore

The usual intro… drum rolls, drum rolls, drum rolls aaaaaaaaand…. the Node.js October edition is back along with our very good friends from CocoaHeads! Please do you homework and come prepared for the Apple event. Thanos will do his tricks.

Apart from the Apple event this time we have something different. A special guest from Singapore! Sarup Banskota is joining us to share his expertise on .git internals. Sarup is a Product Designer @ Mesitis, a financial technology company focused on developing solutions for the private wealth market. Apart from Mesitis, he is a part-time open source contributor a hardware enthusiast and a cook.  

When not digging, you can find Sarup @ twitter and github.

# Digging within .git

For developers who use it, Git is an indispensable part of our daily workflow. Its simplicity intrigues most of us, yet it’s easy to very quickly get into scenarios where you don’t understand what’s going on. While we encounter it on a day to day basis, it’s easy to ignore what a “fast forward” is or what a rebase really does behind the scenes. Let me uncover the mystery for you.

# Apple Keynote

We (almost) all love Apple products and we all have been waiting for the long overdue Macbook update. After Sarup’s presentation we are going to tune in Apple’s Special Event and see what’s new!

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