Post-Voxxed meetup with two back to back sessions

We are back after our Voxxed Thessaloniki pause with two back to back sessions 

This time we will gather at CoHo and we will have the chance to discuss about the following topics.

The first talk will be done by me ( Pat ) and it is titled :” What I have learned after doing 2400 reviews in 6 months” . Scary? Boring? Join us to find out 🙂 It’s gonna be a funny talk with real-world scenarios and how to deal with all kinds of (remote) developers when they read my code review comments 🙂

The second talk will be done by Thodoris Ploumis and it’s going to be a hands-on practical guide to get started with Docker for Java developers 🙂

Docker is an open-source super tool that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers. Docker common advantages are isolation, speed of execution, low on resources, portability, version control and so more. Beside being a 3 years only project its adoption has been totally crazy. It is the most popular tech “buzzword” in the area of devops. If you haven’t try Docker so far you will be excited about its capabilities. You will forget VMs, monolithic development processes and the way you collaborate with your teammates. In this presentation we will have an introduction to Docker and how we can use it with Java.

As always we will draw 4 free Jetbrains developer licenses and I will bring with me Voxxed Days merchanise ( RedHat t-shirts and swags ) to get at 10€ per pack. 

See you there!

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