Pre DEVit Nodejs/PyThess Meetup + 3 free tickets for DEVit Conference

We know you missed us a lot! Due to some bad voodoo, Node.js Meetup was hibernated for the last period. June Nodejs Meetup is back! This time with our fellow PyThess( folks. The upcoming Node.js meetup is a special edition cause we will have many guests joining us including the awesome Fieldscale team.

Our meetup lineup, Anastasia Theodouli and Kostas Moschou will present `From Ethereum nodes to Dap`. Dimitris Dranidis will present ‘The way to Go’ and John Balanos will share his knowledge on Flask and Writing REST APIs and some other stuff related with vegetables.

As you can see, this is like a mini-conference so DO NOT MISS IT by any chance. We’ll have surprises (DEVit tickets anyone?) and this time the meetup will offer food and beverages, courtesy of Fieldscale ( who is joining our awesome sponsors. So, big thanks to them for the support!

Check out the meetup’s agenda:

18:00 – 18:30 Networking

18:30 – 19:15 From Ethereum nodes to Dap (Anastasia Theodouli and Kostas Moschou)
• Set up a private Blockchain network of two Ethereum nodes
• Create, compile, and deploy a Smart Contract to the private network using the Remix IDE ( )
• Interact with the Smart Contract using a Dapp developed with the Truffle framework ( ) and web3.js ( )

19:15 – 20:00 The way to Go (Dimitris Dranidis)
The talk introduces newcomers to the syntax and features of Go by presenting the functional, object-oriented, and concurrent aspects of the language. Examples of Go code are presented starting from simple “Hello world” programs up to REST API programming.

20:15 – 21:00 Developing with Flask: Writing REST APIs and working with Celery queues (John Balanos)

21:00 – –:– Social Hour! Pizzas and beers
Sponsored by Fieldscale (

PyThess announcement:

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