SKGNodejs February – SKG & ATH Synergy

Holla Noders, 

2017 wouldn’t be a great year without SKGNode.js meetup and February would be just another month without an SKGNode.js February edition. And this time we have visitors! We should treat them with the great hospitality that defines our beautiful city. 

We are welcoming our two guests coming straight from Athens. Stratos and Angelos.

Stratos Pavlakis is the technical lead for Workable UI. He enjoys coding and architecting software, tries to stay obedient to testing it and loves researching how to make it better. He has developed software for Techlink, Piraeus Bank, Upstream and Persado. He specializes in client-side MVC frameworks and is a firm believer of polyglot programming. Stratos holds a Bachelor’s degree in CS from Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master’s degree from the University of Athens.

Stratos @ TwitterStratos @ Github

Angelos Chaidas is currently working remotely as a senior frontend developer at Adzuna, the international job search engine. He started his career in 2000 as a designer + full-stack PHP developer but has focused on Frontend and Javascript development for the last 8 years. He loves mobile UX + UI design, is passionate about web optimisation and has spoken locally at GreeceJS.

Angelos @ TwitterAngelos @ Github

And here come the talks:

• Async Patterns in Javascript by Stratos Pavlakis: Abstractions and tools to deal with asynchronicity in Javascript

Lessons learned from 8 years of remote working by Angelos Chaidas: The Pond. The Clothes. The Chair. The Setup. The Door. The Timesheet. The Walks. The Train.

We will head to Αρχέγονο (Google Maps) after the meetup to have some drinks and talk more with our beloved guests. 

Promo video:


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