Technical Debt simply explained + Women in Tech by SheSharp

Hi all

I’m thrilled to announce our last meetup for this year with two very interesting sessions. 

At 7pm sharp, I’ll explain in simple words what is technical debt and how it affects the long-liveliness, maintainability and stability of a software system. The session structure will go more ore less like this

• Introduction to Technical Debt and its flavors

• Expressing and computing Technical Debt

• Comparison of tools for Technical Debt computation

At 8pm our guest, “SheSharp” takes over for the main part of the meetup event!!!  SheSharp is a technological community based on Thessaloniki, which aims on promoting the engagement of women with computer-oriented technologies. To achieve our goal, we organize workshops and events, while we also work on some hands-on projects. Anastasia and Efstratia will present their actions, their team and we hope that this will be a starting point of a more general discussion. 

Some words about our guests

Anastasia is an automation engineer currently at her final year of studies. She is carrying out her thesis, a robotics quadcopter project. In addition, she is mainly interested in the design and development of electronics.

Efstratia is an Applied Informatics student currently pursuing her BSc at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is mainly interested in information security, cryptography and open source software

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