TypeScript/AngularJS/MongoDB and RabbitMQ in a real project

Our next meetup is hosted again at our sponsor venue ( City College ) and it’s going to be a very technical presentation / discussion by AMD Telecom development team. Ioannis Balanos will talk about how they implemented a real-life project using a bunch of cool and popular technologies like Angular, TypeScript, RabbitMQ and MongoDB and of course how all of them have been integrated with Java and Spring.

Here’s the overview of the presentation

1)Angular  & TypeScript
Basic Angular over TypeScript
Class Based Angular Typings  
Rest with typescript 

Basic RabbitMQ 
Exchanges types 
Queue Paterns

3) MongoDB  
Replica sets

As usual we will give away 2 Jetbrains licenses and we will have free pizza by our sponsor e-food.gr and free beers by AMD Telecom

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