WebApp Security / GitHub Flow

This time we have two exceptional guest speakers, experts in their fields who will share with us their experience and expertise !

Talk #1
How I got hacked in X-mas 2015 – and the lessons learned

The speaker
Dimi is a full-stack software architect with over 15 years experience in leading dev teams of small startups as well as large multinational software houses. He has extensive experience in software design, back-end development, API design, devops, SOA, information security and SaaS/multitenant applications for the Web. 

Finally, Dimi is the organiser of the Larissa Developers Meetup, which aims to strengthen the development community of Larissa and has the ambition to become an incubator of new computer science talents.

The abstract
In this talk, I shall share with you an uncomfortable, but fun in some way, incident that started at the end of 2015 and lasted for a few days. That incident taught me the hard way, I must never neglect security of any system I am building or maintaining. Amongst other things, I will talk about password adaptive hashing, sql injection, XSS, CSRF, session high-jacking, same-origin policy and, if time permits, we shall talk a bit about TLS.

Talk #2
GitHub Flow 101 – Contribute effectively to projects on GitHub using Git

The speaker
Petros Amiridis is a GitHub Support manager and he has a lot to share with us about GitHub Flow and how to avoid bad practices. 

He loves computers, and he loves solving problems. He loves helping people. He has worked as a programmer, team leader, freelancer, head of software development for a company, and he is now helping programmers work with Git and GitHub, and managing the European technical support team at GitHub. He once tried to create a food delivery startup, but he failed—and learned so much. He’s one of the organizers (and co-founder) of Thessaloniki Ruby Meetup, and he loves his family. You can find out what he is focusing on at any given time on http://amiridis.net/now

You can find him also

amiridis @ twitter
petros @ GitHub

The abstract
Contributing to Git repositories should not be complicated. GitHub is the largest open source platform in the world. Learning how to contribute effectively will help you with your personal projects, your open source contributions, but also your closed source company projects. This is a 60 minute presentation that shows you how to use GitHub and Git to propose changes to projects using Pull Requests. You will learn how to use GitHub’s user interface and git the command line client to perform the full cycle of GitHub Flow

We would like to thank once again our host, City College and JetBrains for giving away 2 Developer tools licenses.

And of course we will have our usual Pizza break 😉

See you there

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