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Cyber Security in a World of IoT

Friday, May 24, 2019

Talk Details: Each year a different aspect of our lives connects to the internet - from ours cars to our light bulbs. With this immense comfort comes a threat - security vulnerabilities in every device we can think of.
This talk would shed a light to the world of IOT security from the eyes of a security researcher: What are the major threats today? How security vulnerabilities are created? What can we do to protect ourselves?

Speaker details:
Lior is an expert in embedded security research. After more than six years as a technological officer in the Israeli military, he joined the cyber security industry as a vulnerability researcher for autonomous vehicles. More than 40 vulnerabilities later he decided to help the world avoid the next security breach as a security consultant, helping embedded devices companies globally to secure their products. His company, Imperium Security performs security assessments - finding vulnerabilities in source codes, security design consulting, and secure development training for developers.

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