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[Sticky] μNode Board  


Leonidas Papadopoulos
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02/12/2018 15:42  

Εδώ μπορούμε να γράφουμε σχετικά με το δικό μας board το TLab-μNode 

Here we can discuss anything that concerns our board, TLab-unode

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20/02/2019 11:23  

Hello peerv!

We are sorry to hear this. But we can fix it!

First of all, for the OTA flashing method, make sure you use the `uNode-0.8.1cs.zip` library and not the open-source version. (it's available here:  https://github.com/Tlabio/arduino-unode/releases ) and also make sure to import:

#include <uNode.hpp>
// and not
#include <uNodeOpen.hpp>

I just realised that we are shipping the CS version with some examples of the OS version. Going to fix it right away!

Second, if you are using an FTDI adapter I have a feeling that you are hitting an issue that I also encountered with some adapters. What happens is that it does not set the DTR pin LOW. This happened either because of hardware or because of software issues.

A possible workaround that always worked is the 4th case here, but requires an additional jumper cable :  https://github.com/Tlabio/arduino-unode/wiki/3.-Troubleshooting#35-i-am-unable-to-program-the-%CE%BCnode-using-an-ftdi-adapter

Alternatively, people reported that different board definitions also worked for them, so it could also be an Arduino issue. They had success using the "NodeMCU 0.9" board.

Let us know if this helps!

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02/03/2019 02:25  

Hello peerv,

I created an instruction video that could help you :  https://youtu.be/V00Z3AqYGNc

The bottom line is:

  • Use 2 wires to connect the power input of the FTDI to the power pins of the uNode (the top 2 ones)
  • Use 2 other wires to connect the Tx and Rx of the FTDI adapter to the Tx and Rx pins of the uNode
  • Use 1 wire to connect the DTR pin of the uNode to the ground
  • Now plug the USB to your computer. The uNode will automatically enter programming  mode
  • Hit upload from Arduino

After you flashed your sketch (eg. the Blink) you can use OTA updates by pressing the RESET button 3 times. (Important: make sure you #include <uNode.hpp> and not the uNodeOpen.hpp)


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03/03/2019 23:07  

Hello peerv,

  1. Awesome! 
  2. First, make sure that you are not blocking Arduino from the windows firewall. It should be allowed to receive incoming connection. Second, the zero-conf/mDNS service on windows is a bit slow. It could take up to 2-3 minutes until it appears. Disconnecting and re-connecting on the network also helps some times.
  3. Well, you need DTR->GND every time you are flashing the board with a TTL cable. If you use the OTA flashing you don't need this (and you should not keep it connected). 
  4. I did some further investigation on this subject and it seems something changed on the esp8266 Arduino releases. I haven't found the version yet, but previously RTS was controlling the RESET and the DTR was controlling the DTR. This means that the upload tool was lowering DTR to GND, it was pulsing the RTS (RESET) and then started the upload. That's why I exposed the DTR and the DTR pins on the pads.

I will further investigate if I can find what changed on the newer releases of the esp8266 arduino library and hopefully I could have a better flashing instructions soon.