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Leonidas Papadopoulos
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02/12/2018 15:42  

Εδώ μπορούμε να γράφουμε σχετικά με το δικό μας board το TLab-μNode 

Here we can discuss anything that concerns our board, TLab-unode

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19/02/2019 15:54  

Hi guys, I got hold of one of your new unode lora boards.

I installed your libraries on the Arduino IDE and connected the board with a FTDI adapter including the rts .

Was able ONE time to upload the unode blink program and did the led blink.

After that I could NOT upload any sketch anymore! (error: espcomm_open failed)

Followed the steps in Getting Started.pdf  chapter 3.4.5 but no positive result.

Also no success with OTA Wifi Mode. Pressing 3 times the switch (many times) does NOT enter Wifi mode.


Could the board have been died after the first blink load?


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20/02/2019 11:23  

Hello peerv!

We are sorry to hear this. But we can fix it!

First of all, for the OTA flashing method, make sure you use the `uNode-0.8.1cs.zip` library and not the open-source version. (it's available here:  https://github.com/Tlabio/arduino-unode/releases ) and also make sure to import:

#include <uNode.hpp>
// and not
#include <uNodeOpen.hpp>

I just realised that we are shipping the CS version with some examples of the OS version. Going to fix it right away!

Second, if you are using an FTDI adapter I have a feeling that you are hitting an issue that I also encountered with some adapters. What happens is that it does not set the DTR pin LOW. This happened either because of hardware or because of software issues.

A possible workaround that always worked is the 4th case here, but requires an additional jumper cable :  https://github.com/Tlabio/arduino-unode/wiki/3.-Troubleshooting#35-i-am-unable-to-program-the-%CE%BCnode-using-an-ftdi-adapter

Alternatively, people reported that different board definitions also worked for them, so it could also be an Arduino issue. They had success using the "NodeMCU 0.9" board.

Let us know if this helps!


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