The LifeDisk Project  

There are some cases that we need to know – other than where someone is located – whether he is well in his health also.
So that’s more or less how the idea of ​​the LifeDisk projects was conceived.

Special populations such as elderly people with dementia (alzheimers) or other illnesses, athletes in dangerous sports or other specific activities (skier, divers etc.), workers in high-risk facilities (mines) etc. It is important to know that they are good at their health they do not endanger or if they are in danger someonce is being notified in time (doctors, rescue teams etc.)

The goal of the project is to create a particular wearable either as a pendant or in a wristband that detects the state of the person wearing it through specific sensors that will collect and send data at regular intervals. [wiki]LoRaWAN[/wiki] and [wiki]Bluetooth Low Energy[/wiki] technologies will be used.


The project is already in progress. If you think you can help us in other ways don’t hesitate to contact us.


LifeDisk project

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