You can find below some of our projects we ‘ve already delivered and some of them that we are currently working on at Tlab. If you are interested in to find more information about our projects, plz feel free to communicate with us using the contact form or directly, by phone, as help is always welcome!

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μNode project

LoRa/WiFi- Micro-Node for The Things Network

Make a tiny node in order to cover the needs and safety of specific groups of people and/or locate things

Φτιάχνουμε ενα σύστημα που μετράει την υγρασία απο ένα φυτό και το ποτίζει όποτε αυτό χρειάζεται.

DYI TTN Gateway

How to make a DIY Gateway for The Things Network

TTN Node 1 (RPi zeroW)

TTN-node-OLED-screen Rpi zeroW

TTN Node 2 (ESP32)

TTN Node with ESP8266 and RFM95W

Smart IoT Screen

Arcade Games Cabinet

Περισσότερα από 6000 παιχνίδια και κονσόλες από Atari, Sega, Nintento κτλ.

LoPy TTN client

LoPy TTN client test

FiPy TTN nanogateway

FiPy TTN nanogateway test

Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror

Door automation

Door lock