Reverse Engineering LoRa PHY

A lot of work has been done lately towards Open-Sourcing the LoRa PHY protocol. In terms of radio modulation LoRa uses a proprietary technique patented by Semtech based upon a form of Spread Spectrum (SS) actually called Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS). Investigating the signal with a SDR dongle while using Audacity to analyze the waveform Read more about Reverse Engineering LoRa PHY[…]

LoRaWAN technical Deep Dive (Semtech)

LoRaWan technology overview covering topics such as message structure, node classes, network capacity and security as seen on Semtech’s site: Highlights include Long Range, Low Power  & Small form factor >2km dense urban, >15km suburban,  >1000km Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) > x3 battery life compared to competing technologies Scalable Network Capacity Star Network /  Read more about LoRaWAN technical Deep Dive (Semtech)[…]