1st Seminar – Academy of Robotics: Steps in the future

Within the framework of cooperation of the Academy of Robotics, Thessalonikis’ University of Macedonia with the Association of students of the department of Automation A.T.E.I.TH held the Educational Conference entitled “Robotics: Steps in the future”, on December 15, 2016, at the Hotel Capsis Hotel in Thessaloniki, which was very successful. The purpose of the event Read more about 1st Seminar – Academy of Robotics: Steps in the future[…]

Welcome to IoT Lab!

Welcome to IoT Lab! The idea for a Lab aimed at implementation of software and hardware projects the city, has existed for two years by members of the community ArduinoGR  and the wireless network communities ( WNA ). The Internet of Things (IoT) gives us the perfect excuse to marry all these technologies, involving a Read more about Welcome to IoT Lab![…]

TTN Gateway #1 in Thessaloniki

The first gateway ofTheThingsNetwork, in Thessaloniki has been installed successfully and serves East areas of the city. Soon more gateways are about to be deployed in other areas and demo apps will be created. Meanwhile we will use ttnmapper to make some site surveys and coverage tests. Join our official slack TTN channel: https://thethingsnetwork.slack.com/messages/thessaloniki/