Welcome to IoT Lab!

Welcome to IoT Lab!

The idea for a Lab aimed at implementation of software and hardware projects the city, has existed for two years by members of the community ArduinoGR  and the wireless network communities ( WNA ). The Internet of Things (IoT) gives us the perfect excuse to marry all these technologies, involving a community of all those involved. With IoT, millions of objects can send and receive data through a new technology called LoRaWAN and allows devices to connect to the Internet, without Bluetooth , Wi-Fi or mobile network, using low-power radio waves but long range .

Since May 2016 we actively monitor developments around the creation of a global community which aims to develop  a free IoT network The the Things Network globaly, a LoRaWAN – based network  which is also beeing  deployed in Greece.




In Thessaloniki we are already in the testing phase, the first results of which it is encouraging and we expect during November to expand more.

Join today or log in directly to your account on facebook / linkedin / github  to learn more!

Watch the video for the community TheThingsNetwork:

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